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Settled in the picturesque Allegheny Mountain Range lays the historical town of Bedford, Pennsylvania. The town began growing inside the walls of Fort Bedford and eventually spread along the river in both directions. Growth was enabled by the establishment of roads and steam engine trains. George Washington came to Bedford and stayed in the Espy house when he was required to lead a militia army against the people who were protesting the whiskey taxation.


Bedford is also known for its beautiful mineral springs, spa, and resort. In 1798, the property that contained the mineral springs was purchased by Dr. Anderson who proceeded to build the Bedford Springs Hotel. People traveled by carriage or rail to experience the healing waters. President Buchanan called the resort his “Summer Whitehouse”. Today, the luxury resort is owned by the Omni and provides relaxing moments to its customers at the hotel’s spa, pool, and golf course. 

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Dr. Anderson built the house in which the museum resides in 1814 in the style of Federalist Architecture. At the Anderson House, he practiced medicine, enjoyed family life, and later, opened a portion to the public as the first established bank between Chambersburg and Harrisburg. The bank vault is still open for public viewing within our gift shop.


The Anderson house underwent major renovations from April 2016 to May 2018 to become home to the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Bedford. The museum provides activities for adults and children, provides a space for local and regional artists to exhibit, and is a tourist attraction drawing visitors from across the nation. 

In October 2022, the museum opened the Children's Discovery Gallery. This hands on, creativity provoking space will help remake the learning of art. With multiple hands-on creativity provoking stations, we can support versatile learning styles. 

Becoming accustomed with the floor plan in advance of your visit will help you find your way around the museum.  We are working on making the museum accessible to everybody!

Download floor plan here.



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