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About the Artist: In 1993, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art became the repository for the Donald M. Robinson collection of photography and archives. For more than fifty years, Donald M. Robinson has explored landscapes, wildlife, and the human condition. Reflecting on the power of the photographic medium resulting in an enduring source of inspiration for future generations, Robinson also exhibits a mastery of technical complexities. From the dawn of nature's beauty to the last frontiers on earth, his photographs extend beyond documentation; the collection is a novel of personal experiences and expressions of the universe and all its glory. Robinson states, "I believe a photograph must communicate a visual message. There is an aesthetic mission that must be pursued to bring beauty from science. Photography helps me go through life a bit more slowly as I witness the visual banquet and the human experience...As a realistic photographer, I try to achieve a natural feel for everything I photograph and endeavor to convey visual emotion in color and design...Wherever I look, I find images because beauty in nature is universal. I hope my photographs will inspire the viewer to celebrate and protect our natural treasures. Our place in nature helps to renew our spirit and strengthen our soul."

Notecard Set Robinson Flowers

  • Notebook set of 8 blank cards including 2 cards of each of the 4 designs of a photographs of flowers by artist Donald M. Robinson from the SAMA permanent collection.
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