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A Message From the Director:


What drives us to change?  Why is change so uncomfortable for some people and not others? If we never changed how would that affect us personally, professionally, as an organization, community, county, state or nation?

Think about that for a minute-nothing changed.  All things stayed the same.  The same person doesn’t grow, the profession you are in doesn’t move forward, the community doesn’t have new members, the county and state or the nation never change its leaders.   Wow, that seems far more frightening than allowing change to happen, to stretch us, to challenge us individually and as an organization.

To allow change though, we need to take a risk.  A risk to maintain our mission of outreach, mission to collect and preserve the amazing work created by local and regional Pennsylvania artists.  There are times to move forward and times to hold fast.  Indeed a time to burst forth with new ideas and programs and exhibitions and time to reflect in the stillness of our time, those moments between change and the plateaus of achievement.

Our world has changed dramatically.  Last year at this time we were preparing for the 2020 Olympics-but things changed-we were swept up by an impact of change no one could have estimated. Games delayed, schools and businesses closed, people working out of their homes, cultural agencies and venues shuttered- no live music, drama, dancing, and no access to art.  The interesting thing is that everything changed, each of us have changed, we don’t recognize this time-these new lives we are now living.  What we really want is for things to change BACK, to what we knew, what was comfortable, freeing, planned, predictable, even the change we knew was coming, is now different than what we expected.

And although things have changed, continue to change each and every day it seems-there are things that remain the same-and those are easier to see-our human needs, of food, shelter, work, education, and the need to create art-to dance, to perform, and to hear music.  The response to human need is always critical-to sustain life and allow us to continue.  We often forget that it is important to remember the other areas of our life that are important to sustain-the museums, concert halls, theaters and educational venues.  They need our attention too, especially in this season of unpredictable change.  SAMA has tried to maintain the mission of our organization by changing during the pandemic-to reach further into our community virtually, by exhibiting on the windows, on Facebook Live, on YouTube to reach you. During this brief time after the shutdown we have opened the museums and welcomed those visitors who have ventured out with courage and responsibility.  Their desire for refreshing their spirit through art, as well as the children in our art camps, is strong.  We hope you will feel able to do so to,o in the near future.  In the meantime though, you can visit us on FaceBook and YouTube.

We have had to make difficult choices canceling beloved annual events, such as the Garden Party and other programs meant to showcase our collection.  Those times will return, I am confident that our work during this time will continue to sustain the organization and those we serve.

Please consider sending a supportive message to SAMA through your donation to assist us throughout this changing time-an unknown territory for many non-profits- including your museum.  SAMA thanks you for remembering us, and what we do as part of the many communities we serve in the wonderful area.

Let us hear from you,


Cordially yours,

Sarah E. Henrich

Director and Senior Curator





Please check each venue page for hours. SAMA Bedford may be subject to admission fee.

Some galleries may occasionally be closed to visitors due to exhibition installation and maintenance, private events and other non-regular events.



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