About the Artist: Deb and Rick Reis handcraft useful and beautiful artwork, mixing multiple natural materials to create unique gifts and decorations. The wood and rock are cut and polished from raw materials to retain their natural beauty. They also produce Nantucket style baskets made of reed or colored fishing line with handmade bases and handles. Deb and Rick Reis, of Reis Renditions, live and work at their crafts in Everett, Pennsylvania. They are members of the Cumberland Valley Craft Guild, the PA Guild of Craftsmen, and the Basket Weavers Guild of Bedford County.

Basket Nantucket Red

  • Red fishing line weaving around 4 inch diameter basket. These Nantucket baskets are made using the traditional methods, but Reis Renditions tends to use different materials. The staves are made of hardwood veneer for more contrast and strength. They sometimes weave with fishing line (monofillament) for the shimmer and transparency. Rick Reis makes all of the wood parts by hand, which allows him to make interesting handles as well.