About the author: Loretta Radeschi, and her husband, George, live in Bedford, Pennsylvania with their beloved horses, llamas and cats. She has written for local, regional, national and international magazines for 37 years. In addition to writing, Loretta has given numerous writing workshops. She is also a basketweaver and needle felt artist, using fleece from her llamas. The Brooklyn, New York native and her husband, George, enjoy the country life with their horses, llamas and cats. Each visit to the barn is a new experience as they watch these curious, calming, intelligent animals interact with each other. Each trip to the pasture is a delight as the animals chase and play with one another. A walk in the woods is a discovery as the cats and llamas poke their noses around the leaf litter and stop to sniff each other. “We’ve been blessed to have these animals who light up our lives every day. It’s my pleasure to share their experiences with others,” she says. After her grandchildren were born, she decided to share her love of reading and writing with them by writing children’s books. To learn more about the author, please visit kidsbooksandmore.com.

How Pets Bring Us Closer to God

  • How Pets Bring Us Closer to God contains 100 true stories of how the interaction of animals with one another and with their owners can relate to Scripture. You’ll meet farm animals and house pets whose interactions with one another and their owners provide insight to the Scriptures. There’s Buddy, a Quarter horse, who shows us the imperishable quality of a quiet spirit by his gentleness towards two young llamas (1 Peter 3:3-4). And patches, a barn cat who avoided adults but would draw near to a toddler, reminds us that God draws near to us (James 4:8). These and other stories connect Scriptures to animals’ behavior and our relationship to God. Ages 4-8, Softcover, 115 pages, 9” x 6”