The Permanent Collection

The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art boasts a permanent collection numbering more than 5,000 works. Works by prominent national artists such as Will Barnet, William Baziotes, Albert Bierstadt, Mary Cassatt, Walt Kuhn, Thomas Moran, Gilbert Stuart, Thomas Sully, and Andy Warhol are counted among its holdings. Through its collection, SAMA also strives to maintain a repository of western and central Pennsylvania’s contributions to American art and boasts a strong catalogue of local and regional artists including Franklin Dullin Briscoe, Frederick Counsel, George Hetzel, and William H. Rau.

For a history of the Museum’s permanent collection, please click here.

Expanding the Permanent Collection

SAMA, like other museums, is always looking to expand its permanent collection. Occasionally, the Museum receives donations of art from friends and supporters. While not every work is accepted and/or accessioned into the Museum’s holdings, donations of artwork sometimes are accepted into the permanent collection or the education collection (works in the education collection are used by the Education Coordinator during in-school Arts-in-Education presentations).


Sometimes, works that are accepted but not formally accessioned into the permanent collection may be sold at SAMA fundraisers such as the Gala. Accepted donations are tax-deductible, whether they are accessioned into the collection or not. It is recommended that prospective donors have their work appraised before giving it to the Museum, for both insurance purposes and so that we can sign off on a tax-deductible value. If possible, donors of works that are being accessioned into the collection may want to consider a small donation to the Museum to cover conservation and framing costs. Old frames, especially for works on paper, are frequently in need of replacing due to the high acidity of old mats and mounting materials. Any assistance in funding the cost of such replacement will ensure that the donated work remains in good condition for as long as possible. If you have a work you are considering donating to SAMA, please contact the Director, Curator or Registrar.

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